There are times when you might decide to have something you need every customer notice. You might be running a limited-time sale, or just want to announce a new product release.

For these types of circumstances, WooCommerce includes a setting to enable a site-wide notice on your shop.

What type of notices can be displayed?

Site-wide store messages can be:

  • Informational – A note that notifies customers of shipping delays due to weather conditions or an away notice if you are on vacation.
  • Promotional – A note that is advertising an event, a holiday special, a bundle, a sale on some items, or free shipping.

Display a store notice

Follow the steps below to show customers a site-wide store notice on your shop:

Displaying a store notice to everyone visiting your site
  1. Log into your WordPress website and navigate to Appearance » Customize.
  2. Navigate to WooCommerce » Store Notice section.
  3. Locate the notice content text-area.
  4. Specify the content to be displayed as a site-wide message at the very bottom of the site.
  5. Toggle the checkbox to either enable or disable the site-wide message.
  6. Click the Publish button to save the changes and display the site-wide message on your site publicly.

Visitors can choose to dismiss the site-wide notice by clicking the X icon after seeing it once.

Schedule a store notice

Using the Schedule option for Store Notice can be helpful when running a promotion for a limited time or ending a sale (discount) at midnight on a specific date.

In the following example, we want to discontinue the site-wide message when it expires end of day on August 28.

Using the schedule option for removing store notice from the view
  1. Navigate to Appearance » Customize then WooCommerce » Store Notice section.
  2. Uncheck the checkbox to disable the site-wide message.
  3. Select the gear wheel to open the schedule window.
  4. Select Schedule radio-box on the right menu, then enter the date and time you wish the change to take effect.
  5. Click the Schedule button to make changes you entered on the future date and time indicated.

Last updated: 3 years ago

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