Instagram requires an access token in order to provide the API feed’s data and display your Instagram photos on your website.

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking platform. Given this, visual industries such as fashion and makeup outlets, furniture producers, and travel agencies will naturally benefit most from using it.

The good news is that Instagram can be integrated with WordPress in several ways. However, one of the most popular approaches is adding an Instagram profile feed to WordPress.

What’s an Instagram access token?

The Instagram API requires authentication – requests explicitly made on behalf of a user. Authenticated requests require an access_token.

The Instagram access token is a long string of characters unique to your account that grants other applications access to your Instagram feed.

Note that Instagram access tokens may expire at any time in the future.

Why do I need a token?

Without the token, your website will be unable to talk to the Instagram servers. The token provides a secure way for a website to ask Instagram’s permission to access your profile and display its images.

Receiving an access token

Follow the steps below to obtain an Instagram access token:

Generate Instagram access token
  1. First, You’ll need to sign in with an Instagram account if you’re not already logged in.
  2. Navigate to Instagram Developer Page to get started.
  3. Press on the Manage Clients, then click the Register a New Client button.
  4. Complete the following options:
    • Application Name — Enter an appropriate name, which fits Instagram requirements.
    • Description — Optionally, enter a short description.
    • Company Name — Specify your company name.
    • Website URL, Valid redirect URIs — Enter your store URL (e.g.
    • Contact email — Enter your contact email address.
  5. Move to the Security tab.
  6. Uncheck the Disable implicit OAuth and Enforce signed requests checkboxes.
  7. Enter the reCAPTCHA words and press the Register button.
  8. Paste the following URL into your browser address bar:
  9. Navigate to the Manage Clients page and copy your Client ID.
  10. Replace the YOUCLIENT_ID_HERE text with your actual Client ID.
    • Note that the client_id= parameter should be followed by your Client ID with no sign like + at the beginning. You should get something like this:
  11. Paste your store URL instead of text and hit the Enter.
  12. Click on the Authorize button.
  13. Once the page loading is done, look for the address bar within your browser.
  14. You’ll see your store URL link with your access token indicated after the #access_token=tag.
  15. Copy the key shown in the address bar to enter it in your WordPress admin panel so your site can access the Instagram APIs.
    1. Log into your WordPress website and navigate to CONJ PowerPack.
    2. From the sidebar on the left, select the Third-Party API tab.
    3. Locate the Instagram Access Token text-field and paste your token in.
    4. Click Save Changes.

Last updated: 3 years ago

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