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    We bought a license key of conj and we were working on a e-commerce website under development when suddenly license dissapeared and as we tried to activate the conj theme again we could not as the license key said that was invalid.

    How can we activate the conj theme again?

    Thank you in advance


    Hello Sapphire,

    As far as I can confirm you have your license activated on the following domain:


    In case you’ve bought a new domain or simply decided to register your existing license key on another WordPress instance, you’ll need to unregister CONJ from your old website first.

    Once you’ve unlinked your old website, you would be able to register the same key on a new domain or website successfully.



    We transferred the domain from to, however as you instructed us we transfer the same instance of WordPress to and we tried to add the license key without success.
    At the moment our eshop is located at without beeing able to activate it.

    Thank you for your quick response.


    I have unlinked the domain name mentioned above from your license key. You may register your license on a new website.

    Please note that unlinking the license of yours from a domain name can be done at any time from the same window that you are inputting your key.

    Let me know if you need further assistance.



    I have the exact same issue. Would you please unlink my license from the current domain so that I can register it on my new domain?

    Please let me know what information you need from me.

    Many thanks!


    Hey Rixator,

    I have unlinked yours as well.

    PS. Always start your own discussion, even if you see and find an existing topic that looks similar or identical to the issue that you are experiencing, it makes it harder to follow up with you individually.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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