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  • samuel

    I‘m very disappointed of your service:

    I bought your theme twice now:

    I bought it on theme forest – 2 weeks before you removed it there
    I bought it on your new website
    In meantime both licences are invalid now and no website of mine is using your valid license now. I’m not able to deactivate the license by my own or see any details why I’m not able to use my licence.

    I also don’t know where I can download the current version of your theme from your website. The is no login area or something else – I just received a stupid link from „Paddle“ you. But it’s als worthless because I’m not able to activate my license. I need urgent help. I asked the same question a couple of weeks ago and there is still no response from you guys. It’s horrible


    Hello Eule,

    No one can help you when you’re trying to get support from channels where we don’t offer to help. I would suggest taking a closer look at our Support Policy to find out more.

    As far as I can confirm, this is your fourth topic stated here to get support. Clearly, you know where to reach us when you have a question to ask.

    I have unlinked the domain name associated with your license key from my end. You may register your license on a new website. The following video will help you on how to register your license key in detail:


    Hi mahdi,

    the problem with your support is more worse than you think.
    I was in contact with your support already but the didn’t response to my mails.

    I know how to activate the licence I’m a developer and loved to work with your theme in the past. Don’t treat me like an idiot.

    The license I received from you is not valid anymore because the system tells me the license is linked somewhere else. But it isn’t in use and I’m not able to unlink it. So my licence is maybe lost forever… no feedback from your support team.

    So I’m not able to work with your theme anymore.
    Maybe I have to buy it for a third time to make use of it. But forget it. Worst case ever!

    Thanks for your fast answer – maybe this forum is better to get fast feedback from you guys but it seems that you are not able to help. Very sad.
    I hope that your new customers don’t run in the same knife.

    Here is my license – so everyone can feel free to use it – because it’s not possible to use it anymore because you can just use it once. If you delete your website or dev environment it’s lost forever. Worthless. Waste of money:



    Please delete my account in this support forum here and all the other postings from me. Thank you!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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