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    Hi !

    The pages like : Page 404, product page…

    There aren’t “real page”, and I can’t hide breadcrumbs, spacing and title on it…

    Can I do something to custom these page with conj ?




    Sadly at this time, you can toggle the visibility of the template components such as site-header, footer, title, breadcrumbs, and default layout spacing per page (post-type) basis and theme doen’t feature site-wide options for these elements to be removed from the view.

    However, have a piece of mind that this is something that we are considering to investigate for future development.


    Hi !

    I hope we’ll can custom these unique post in the futur.

    That’s would be awesome if you develop that ! 🙂
    But I love your theme, it is beautiful and I love all the little animations, for example when you update the cart.

    Thank you.


    So glad you are enjoying CONJ!

    We are constantly working on improvements, so if you ever see something missing that you want, please let us know.

    We track all feature requests.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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