As shoppers browse through your online store, they may find themselves with a few or more product-specific questions that may not be clear through the images or description and in case these very users don’t make an effort to find the contact section of your website, you may be losing out on potential sales.

What are the key benefits?

Having product enquiry form enabled on your shop will allow you easily manage and filter questions which are related to making sales.

  • Receives emails instantly and respond directly.
  • Full link to the enquired item will be sent via email.
  • Built-in form field validation methods to avoid spam.
  • Google reCAPTCHA integrated and protected.
  • Prepend any content to be displayed before the form.
  • Disable the visibility of the form per product basis.
  • Overwrite form notice content per product basis.

Enable enquiry form for all products

Follow the steps below to enable enquiry form globally:

Setup and configure product enquiry form
  1. Log into your WordPress website and navigate to Appearance » Customize.
  2. Navigate to WooCommerce » Product Details section.
  3. Scroll down until you locate the “Enquiry form” toggle or switch control.
  4. Switch “ON” the toggle control to append a contact form to the product tabs section.
  5. Specify where email notifications will be sent when the product enquiry form is filled out.
  6. Optionally, specify “Form notice” text to be displayed as a notice before the product enquiry form.
  7. Click the Publish button to save the changes.

Front-end facing enquiry form

When this feature is enabled, a new tab labeled as “Product Enquiry” will be appended to the existing product tab section on single product pages.

Product enquiry form on single product page

Enquiry details can be entered into the form, and whenever a visitor clicks the “Submit” button, an email will be sent to the email address that you have defined previously above.

Disable the enquiry form per product

Disable the enquiry form per product
  1. Navigate to Products tab.
  2. Click the Add New sub-tab or edit an existing product.
  3. Scroll down to the Product Data section.
  4. Select the CONJ PowerPack tab.
  5. Locate the “Enquiry form” checkbox and check to disable it for this product.
  6. Optionally, specify or overwrite the global “Form notice” text which will be displayed as a notice before the product enquiry form.
  7. Click Update or Publish button to save changes.

Last updated: 3 years ago

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