The file block allows you to drop a download link to document files right on your website.

Adding block

To add a map, click on the Block Inserter icon and select the “File” block.

Inserting file block

Alternatively, you can start typing /file in a new paragraph block, then press enter.

Editing block

Upon adding the file block, you have two options to chose from, Upload and Media Library. The Upload button allows you to upload a new downloadable from your device, and Media Library enables you to select a file you’ve already uploaded to your site’s media library.

Drop files to upload to file block

Block interface

To reveal the block toolbar, you can click on the block, and the toolbar will display. Each block comes with unique toolbar icons and specific user controls that allow you to manipulate the block right in the editor.

File block interface toolbar

Edit file

Clicking on the pencil icon will enable you to select a new downloadable file for your block. You may use this if you need to replace the already existing document in your file block.


A few of the options are for the block’s alignment, “Right”, “Center”, and “Left”. Choosing the right or left will allow you to place another block alongside the file block; moreover, selecting the “Center” will return the block to its default, taking up the full width of the post or page content.

If you wish for the file block to be emphasized on the page, the Wide and Full-Width options will expand the block beyond the bounding column of the page.

These two options are available in any fluid width page or post template.

Clicking on the ⚙ cog icon next to the publish button will toggle the visibility of this panel.

The file block settings in the sidebar
File block text link settings

You can choose whether to link to the media file directly or a separate attachment page. These two options can be opened on a new page if you wish not to have the user navigate away from the original page or source.

Download button settings

File block download button settings

As you may have already noticed, the file block comes with a download button that can be toggled on and off from the block options panel.

By toggling the download button settings OFF, the file name will appear hyperlinked on the live site.


The advanced tab lets you add a CSS class to your block, allowing you to write custom CSS and apply styles to the block as you see fit.

The advanced section lets you add a CSS class to your block

Last updated: 3 years ago

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